Sky dive experience

When you are doing something new, experience the feel of adventure. Sky dive was something I always wanted to experience even with all the risks that it has. Jumping out of an aeroplane. This doesn’t mean that I am not afraid of heights or anything. I do love adventure things, since the feeling of excitement makes me feel humble to share happiness.

It was a shocking feeling when you leave the aeroplane and jump. You feel like falling but there is no land underneath you, the feeling of the wind pressure within you and flying in the air. A lesson that it taught me was that time is limited, so you must find a way to enjoy the moment. When you achieve the goal, you wonder why you waited. It was a moment that will be treasured and pushes me to do more things and experiences that the goals, I want are reached. 🙂

Once you ‘go for it’ crying and complaining does not solve any problems. ❤



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