Give yourself an Option!

“Give yourself an option”
Larry from the film ‘Race’ 2016

From the film ‘Race’ (2016), there were several quotes that one can associate within his life. “Give yourself an option” was one that for me was highlighted throughout the film. For the main actor, Jesse, was meant if he doesn’t want to end with the competition at least he qualifies and then choose what he do. For him, at least he was giving an option to pick out in a later stage.

In reality, life is full of options, some of them will be with fear. So you have to do them afraid. Choose the things that truly matter. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Life can change in a blink of an eye. Never give up on yourself. Take the option and later consider the way. Be who you were born to be.

Leave comments if you have seen this film and let me know what are your thoughts. Or if you have an experience of options let me know. We are all here to learn from each other. Let’s get connected!!! 🙂 xx



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