Art in Sea Life

Image 1

Primary Source, Pencil, Enlargement, Piece of a Sea Shell, 2009

Image 2

Secondary Source, Acrylics, Octopus, 2009

Golden Gate Bridge – Abstract

This 3 images are drawings that I have drew over 9 years ago for an Art Exam.
Inspiration of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA.
The three drawings are almost the same concept with different colour palette.

Image 1

Use of Warm tone colours

Image 2

Use of Cold tone colours

Image 3

Use of Cold and Warm tone colours

On the Big Screen – Uċuħ

Premiere of ‘Uċuħ’ with Cast and Crew


Cast and Crew of ‘Uċuħ’

A short film

Produzzjoni ta’ Yanika Muscat (Production)
Kitba u Direzzjoni ta’ Andre Mangion u Yanika Muscat (Script and Directed)
Filmat u Dawl, Effetti Viżwali ta’ Mavric Said (DOP, Cinematographer, Visual Effects)
Assistenta Dorianne Bugeja (Assistant)

Ħadu Sehem
Clayton Mallia
Dorian Demanuele
Sarah Camilleri
Bernardette Spiteri
Helga Muscat
Josette Ciappara
Lorainne D’ugo
Daniela Carabott Pawley
Lorraine Dimech Genuis
Rambert Attard

2016 – 2017

Daniela and Nicholas – Wedding

Thanks to Daniela and Nicholas for trusting our work to capture your big day 🙂 Wish you all the best ❤

Mavric and Me for Film and Audio Recording
Mikiel for Film and Audio Editing


This was a video as part of our production service for Daniela and Nicholas to view on their Wedding Day.  Created by Mavric and me


Feedback from Daniela and Nicholas