The Master

The saviour of anything is the thinker of everything. It’s the master mind behind creation. Ways to save loved ones. Designing a tattoo to solve the path way. Dress it on the body to have it all within everywhere. Being alone, quiet to think and demonstrate. Failure are easy to come in the way. Genius are behind all this to solve the mystery of the master. It never ends. Lions, owls, rays, arrows, paths, flowers and numbers. That all ends to a solution. Success. Never stop. Start again.


Our first trip abroad

Fun and adventures that as a couple aim to reach tend to give us the opportunity to stick together for good reasons. The world is better when you have someone to share it with; you get to cherries that memory together. For us, this experience taught us different lessons to grow up from them. Travel is not all fascination… Couples are hard work, so one can expect to be challenge by give and take, understand and communicate.

At the airport

The place to have thrilling adventure for a week, we travelled around United Kingdom. We have stayed in Yorkshire, South Elmsall. We also went outside the area, such as spending a day in London.

Arriving on the 4 November late afternoon, where we met the family/friends to stay with. We have settled down for our week to start.

On the 5 November, as our first whole day in UK, we decided to go around to shops, in Castleford.

For Britain, on this day they celebrate Bonfire Night. After dark they lit up with attractive fireworks displays.

On Sunday, we went on a steam train where we had lunch while travelling from Pickering to Grosmont and back. Pullman Dining Train served us with a quality of service and delicious food. It was a great experience trying local food and meeting new people on board.

Steam Train

Monday 7 November, was a longer day. Shining with the beautiful sun, we woke up early to travel from South Elmsall to London. I knew the city on my fingertips, as I lived there for six months (this was two years ago, so some things have changed). As we were in Kings Cross Station we have checked how to pay our travel for a day. The Oyster Card is a quick travel pass to have for the public transport system. Depending on how many travel one do, buying a day ticket might cost you up to £15. The Oyster card is convenient and let you travel on a budget.

A good application that help us travel and using public transport in London was ‘Citymapper’. It is very useful and handy. It locates where you are and you write your destination to. It gives you instruction what type of transport to get, from where and how many minutes to travel.

Camden TownAs I am in love with Camden Town, it had to be the first place to visit when arriving in London. Here we went around the stalls and shops. We could not miss to eat from the street food stalls. Having some time to sit down to relax and eat a tasty Bagel. Yum Yummmm, it could not be better with all the tastes. 🙂

In Camden, we had the opportunity to play with the ‘HTC Vive’. As Mavric loves gaming, for him was an opportunity to have the chance and try it. Also the opportunity never ends to try it myself; it is always good to experience new things. This was a thrilling experience and left us feeling lost in the game. A person who loves gaming knows the meaning and feeling.

After, we went to Convent Garden, which is a nice place to go around and see shops. One can also meet with street comedians and musicians.

Big Ben

Late afternoon, as it got into dark, we went near the Big Ben and the Westminster. Here we decided to walk from there, following to next the London Eye towards the Tower Bridge. This walk let you pass near the Tate Museum, Millennium Bridge, London Bridge and more. For me, this walk is very quietly, peaceful and romantic, and it let you see the beautiful scenery of London at night and high buildings. During the walk one can meet different restaurants. As we were hungry, we had dinner at one of the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. This helped us get energy to travel back to South Elmsall, late at night around midnight.


Tuesday, we were back in Yorkshire. This day, we have spent it going around shops in Wakefield.



Top view of Ingleton

Top view of Ingleton

The following day, waking up to the white land and beautiful scenery of snow on Wednesday 9November, a day with a start to celebrate my 24 birthday. It was planned to go to the Yorkshire Dales the three peaks. It is a challenging experience. But as we take risk in our adventures it will always be the memories that we have together to tell a story with them. We head to Ingleton, North Yorkshire, where we had to start our img_20161109_155347hiking to the mountain. We started the walk around 1pm so we decided to walk for couple of hours and until the road tracks are clearing visible and we head back down before it darks. We were amazed by Ingleton as it had no snow but when we went on the mountain Ingleborough it was white. When we climb up it was very beautiful to see a top view of the small towns. We took a couple of minutes to rest, observe and have a peaceful mind. It really feels that you are alone on earth but in a good thinking, peace. We decided to take the opportunity to build a snow man. 🙂

With the snow man :)

With the snow man 🙂


Later, went to the Marton Arms Hotel, back in Ingleton for a special night with my partner and also met back with my friends. Here we celebrated, by having a good dinner and a bottle of wine. It was also a surprise having a chocolate cake. 🙂


Mavric and Yanika


Waking up the following day, have breakfast from the hotel and got ready to leave for our last day in Britain. We were very pleased leaving in this hotel as we were served very grateful and with kindness.

Our 1 night stay at a hotel in Ingleton. In front of us we had a cemetery. What do you do? Take a picture.

Our 1 night stay at a hotel in Ingleton. In front of us we had a cemetery. What do you do? Take a picture.

On our last day we have travelled to Lake District where we spent around on hour there walking around the lake and shops. It has beautiful scenery with the lake and the mountains around. After we head to Blackpool, it was very cold and windy. Here we had dinner and also had a good walk at the seafront and near the shops.

At Blackpool

Heading back to home in South Elmsall with a 2 hour to 3 hours drive, arriving around 6pm. We were very pleased and happy about our holiday and sad that it passed very quickly. But we always say that it was an experience to cherries and grow from it.

Landing back to Malta

Landing back to Malta

From this first trip together as a couple, we feel that this will bring more opportunities like this to travel and experience more together. Besides we both have different characters, we learnt to communicate and speak clearly what we think. The best part of a relationship, is to encourage the oppose partner who might be a little less adventurous than the other. This introduce by being pushed out of your comfort zone. Whether you are riding a roller coaster, hiking, trying something new, these are the greatest adventures that anyone can experience.  🙂  :3


Sky dive experience

When you are doing something new, experience the feel of adventure. Sky dive was something I always wanted to experience even with all the risks that it has. Jumping out of an aeroplane. This doesn’t mean that I am not afraid of heights or anything. I do love adventure things, since the feeling of excitement makes me feel humble to share happiness.

It was a shocking feeling when you leave the aeroplane and jump. You feel like falling but there is no land underneath you, the feeling of the wind pressure within you and flying in the air. A lesson that it taught me was that time is limited, so you must find a way to enjoy the moment. When you achieve the goal, you wonder why you waited. It was a moment that will be treasured and pushes me to do more things and experiences that the goals, I want are reached. 🙂

Once you ‘go for it’ crying and complaining does not solve any problems. ❤