Down the Coast

Down the coast, lapped the sharp outline,
presents certain stark realities and
a wilderness of beauty.

 Photo taken with our drone.


The Master

The saviour of anything is the thinker of everything. It’s the master mind behind creation. Ways to save loved ones. Designing a tattoo to solve the path way. Dress it on the body to have it all within everywhere. Being alone, quiet to think and demonstrate. Failure are easy to come in the way. Genius are behind all this to solve the mystery of the master. It never ends. Lions, owls, rays, arrows, paths, flowers and numbers. That all ends to a solution. Success. Never stop. Start again.

Own Yourself…

If we lose ourselves… We  lose everything… But if we lose ourself into something we love, we discover our own lives and happiness. It’s the smile, the personality and the feeling that you leave on the other person, after an experience is your own trademark.

Give yourself an Option!

“Give yourself an option”
Larry from the film ‘Race’ 2016

From the film ‘Race’ (2016), there were several quotes that one can associate within his life. “Give yourself an option” was one that for me was highlighted throughout the film. For the main actor, Jesse, was meant if he doesn’t want to end with the competition at least he qualifies and then choose what he do. For him, at least he was giving an option to pick out in a later stage.

In reality, life is full of options, some of them will be with fear. So you have to do them afraid. Choose the things that truly matter. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Life can change in a blink of an eye. Never give up on yourself. Take the option and later consider the way. Be who you were born to be.

Leave comments if you have seen this film and let me know what are your thoughts. Or if you have an experience of options let me know. We are all here to learn from each other. Let’s get connected!!! 🙂 xx


Script Supervisor – Continuity

Photo taken by Michael Galea

Photo taken by Michael Galea


Experiencing the role of script supervisor – aka continuity, builds your personality in being more communicative with other roles on set. This member of crew ensures that the film is shot into making visual sense and continuous.

Being part of the film ‘Maneland’ directed by Peter Sant, was an experience that taught me skills to work. The role has the skill of observation with detail, stamina to remain alert and focused on long filming days, take precise notes quickly, being able to respond quickly to circumstances. Script Supervisor works closely with costume, props, make up, hair, sound, lighting and camera and the actions of the actor during the scene.

I had to prepare detailed log sheets & daily continuity reports, take pictures for continuous scenes. Re-type any script changes and be in charge of slate numbers. This helps the editor in post-production to find any footage and sound to be found easily.

This role encourages me to build this career role whilst working on film sets with other directors.


Photo taken by Enrico Tessarin

Photo taken by Enrico Tessarin

The Eye of Passion

Hear the beating of my burning desire. Passion involves many feelings with a vision. A vision with artistic style is just choosing to be your own kind of difference.

Filming is a job that makes me feel alive with the outside world. It makes me feel connected with reality. It brings you in a world of your own, how I see things, how I imagine things.

This world brings you to stand up and keep moving forward. Never think what anybody says and always do what you have to do for you.


The eye of passion

Own Identity

As individuals we all own identity. Creativity shows what’s useful in personality and behaviour. In life, it is important to show the values of what’s worth and suitable. It takes courage to show your self by being your ideal you.

Business Cards

Business Cards



On Set

Sunrise shooting

Sunrise shooting

Five (5) Days shoot in Malta for the feature film ‘Papillon’ directed by Michael Noer. The shooting took place at the water tanks in Kalkara and Mtahleb Cliffs in Rabat.

Another experience to count in life. Accepting more responsibility is a sign for success.

“Let the possibilities and chances inspire you more than the obstacles discourage you.” Ralph Marston