How to find cheaper flights!!

You would like to travel on certain dates? You don’t know what airlines are available? You want to compare prizes? Time destinations? Stops? It is always important to find the best tickets and know the conditions.

Most travellers try to look for cheap flights rather than the most comfortable airline. This helps saving money and spends it on other important needs. Let me show you how I do it.

I use Skyscanner. I like it because it let me choose the dates I want to travel and it gives me different flights to travel. Such as time and how many stops I have to stop for my final destination. Sometimes the prize varies depends how many stops you do. It also gives you the cheapest destinations to travel.


Let me show you how it works:

Welcome Page – Enter the airport destination and dates

If you are not sure where to go and see the destinations with cheap prizes – choose Everywhere



List of destinations and start up prizes


Choose destination



Calendar with cheap prizes to highest on dates

I choose the cheapest from above.



Cheapest airline flights


Here you choose the flight you want. As you notice they do not need to be with the same airline depart and return. When this happens you have to buy two different tickets from different sites. Make sure that you read the rules especially for the weight of luggage. Some of them you have to add a bag, and the other flight does not need because the price include the luggage.


Details of chosen flight – Select to buy tickets